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Valentine's Day love cards

Valentine's Day is around the corner, are you still looking for a card for your valentine?
Did I mention that I worked at Hallmark during high school, and holy cow, you should have seen the husbands and boyfriends pour in Valentine's day evening frantically looking for a Valentine's day card. We usually ran out and whoa, look out, the wrath of a last minute husband. 
Fast forward to when I was married and my husband came home with a spanish Valentine's Day card, the english ones were all sold out. I loved the card so much it became a tradition, now every year my husband TRIES to find the most ridiculous Valentine's Day card, "To my Uncle", "Your 100th birthday" a sympathy card, etc. 
From my years at hallmark it created a love for cards and I bought and hoarded many, I still have some I can't part with (over 12 years old). The best are love cards with a dash of sarcasm. 
I have wanted to create these cards for quite some time and am just a little stoked about them. My husband might receive one of each. 
(These cards are available on my etsy shop with more color options, if you don't see the hair color / skin color you need, you can specify which colors you would like, even dress color). 
I try to offer most of my doodles for free, so I will have a free Valentine's Day card coming soon.
Librarians might not like this card, but it shows how strong your love is. :) 
Perhaps you would like a hip blond that has amazing skills at balancing heavy books in one hand, and on one foot I might add. :)

I would just like to quickly state that I only have one husband . . . and yes, he is my favorite husband. 



Oh how I love this "got love?" card, of course from the "got milk?" advertisement. 
A card to tell your special one that you still check him out. 
And last but definitely not least is the beard card. My husband does not have a beard, but I have several brother-in-laws that can grow fantastic beards and I had my awesome sister-in-laws in mind when I made this. 
And because not all beards are the same I had to make one in each color. 
And if you would like an assortment of love cards to give through out the year for anniversary, birthday, or random days to say "I love you" here is a link for a set of 5 (better deal). 
Hope you find a way to tell your special person you love them, or if you don't have that special someone yet, just wait, and start hoarding cards like I did 12 years ago . .  or maybe not, that is kind of weird. :)