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Themed Family Pictures

A month or so ago I asked for some volunteers to try some different ideas. Thanks to these wonderful friends who let me experiment on them. 
I love this beautiful family. I think this really fits their wonderful, wonderful family!!
My good friend Shelley has the cutest kids that were pirates this year for Halloween. Aren't they adorable! (Captain Hook & Mr. Smee) 
Here is my version. I tried to keep the colors the same so the boys would recognize themselves. And their little sister, I made her a little older looking.
Analia's family was also pirates for Halloween, and I LOVED her costume. 
Here is my version, I added a peg leg and an eye patch to Seth (who for some reason my husband called Jason for months before we finally corrected him, you are not the first person my husband has done this to) :)
And the Simpson family. I don't have a Halloween picture for you, but just imagine the cutest little red head boy and that is their adorable son. I grew up with Scott since grade school, and he and his wife are high school sweethearts. They are pretty awesome. 
Becca volunteered her family for this one and I was so excited. Becca has naturally gorgeous red/brown hair, and I thought she would make a wonderful Ginny. So I'm pretending that this is a blond Harry Potter, married to Ginny, and this is their daughter. It's a stretch, but either way Becca has a wonderful husband and a beautiful baby girl.
Thanks guys!! 
For those who liked the pirate ones, I am making a pirate coloring page/puppets that I will post soon.