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Summer PIRATE Reading Chart (free printable)

Oh my oh my. It's half way through the summer and I'm finally unveiling my PIRATE summer reading chart. But hey, let's not chalk this up as pure laziness. I planned on doing it this way!!

This is a remake of last year's summer reading chart.

We're in full summer mode and our reading has slacked, our cleaning has slacked, our cooking dinners in the heat has slacked, okay let's be honest, my cooking is always slacking.

This is the chart to motivate your little ones to get cracking on their daily reading.

Here's how it works:

1. It's a board game. Let me rephrase that, it's an awesome PIRATE board game. Rad looking huh?
2. Each square/shape counts as a day of reading. It can be 15 or 30 minutes of reading for older kids, or one book a day for younger children.
3. Mark off each day with a check mark, sticker, etc.
4. When he or she lands on a square with a reward, they get to do that awesome reward. Do these rewards not work for you? What if you live in Antarctica and you are thinking "Um . . . Spring we don't like ice cream here. Duh?" I would say, "That's just ridiculous because ice cream tastes good anywhere." And then I would tell you to scroll down and look at the charts that are blank and you can fill in your own goals/rewards.
5. There are 31 squares so hypothetically you could do this every month (mark off an extra square on the months that have only 30, 28 days in a month). Or just start today, who cares!
6. What if you miss a day? It's the summer, don't stress too much, try again the next day.
7. Did I really need all these steps? Of course not, it's pretty self explanatory.
8. Just checking to see if you are still reading this.

 After a week my little boy (age 6) loves to run over and put a sticker on the chart each night after he reads a book. He will do anything for a sticker. So far so good. 


The first day of their reading chart challenge. We took this just before they headed out to play in the water. 
I love love love my son's face. I laughed so hard!

Do you need more cheesy ideas for the summer? Here is an "I'm Bored" chart and service chart. 


So here ya go! 
Boy pirate reading chart with goals/rewards. This is the only boy one. Sorry, even if you have amazing flowing red hair, this is your only option.
Girl brunette with goals/rewards 
Blond girl with goals/rewards 
Boy chart blank for you to fill in with goals/rewards
Brunette girl chart blank for you to fill in with goals/rewards
Blond girl chart blank for you to fill in with goals/rewards
NOTE: If I don't have your skin or hair color please feel free to contact me and I would love to email you a chart that has your child's skin/hair color. Thanks! Spring