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Sports theme

This year my husband said enough is enough and bought us all Boise State shirts that we are required to wear on game days. So far only he and our son have faithfully worn their shirts. Our little three year old, with his limited vocabulary, will yell "Boise State" when he sees anyone with the blue and orange logo on their clothes, while this is embarrassing for me, the people in the store will proudly high-five him.
So I understand this sports-theme-family-love. 
Emily and her beautiful family love the Colts. I grew up around Emily's family, and along with her they are some of the sweetest & kindest people ever. 
Some BYU fans
Challis & Josh live in Boston and so it's obvious why they love the Red Sox. I LOVE these two. They are smart, truly kind to everyone around them, and so hilarious! I remember sitting next to Challis in government, our senior year of high school, and she would talk about how she just wanted to go on a date with Josh, well they did go on that date, and have been together ever since. 
Challis didn't ask me to draw this next one but I really wanted to. I am crazy proud of these guys, Challis just graduated with her law degree and passed her bar, and Josh will soon graduate with his PhD in Chemistry. Because my friends are smart that means I am smart, right? 
Thanks guys for sharing your awesome families with me!