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Special news & updated family portrait

We had a very special and exciting summer. Whenever anyone asks our 6 year old daughter what we did this summer, she responds . . . "We had a baby!" 
In July we were finally able to have our long awaited baby, a sweet 9 pound baby boy. 

Last year I shared in this blog post about our three miscarriages in the last few years. 

This was the portrait I started to draw to announce our new baby in 2015, that we lost to miscarriage. I never got to finish this portrait.

After the third miscarriage in 2017 we had decided that we were done. We have 3 beautiful children and we wanted to enjoy and love them, and not wish away the days. However there was this image of my 3 children hold their new baby brother or sister that I could not shake from my mind. It was so vivid. We felt like crazy people but decided to try one more time. It was a very stressful, and emotionally exhausting pregnancy, but in July we welcomed our miracle baby. 
What a beautiful gift this sweet baby boy has been for all of us! I love watching our 3 older children with him. They adore everything he does and we spend our evenings all together in the living room just taking turns holding him. He is one very loved baby. 
All these years I have waited to update our family portrait. Last year my husband even asked if I was going to draw an updated picture. Our only drawing I have done of our family was this simple stick figure picture. But I just couldn't do it. I just knew our family wasn't complete. 
So it brings me so much joy to present this updated family portrait for 2019. Finally complete. 
And it's even better in person. 


I took this summer off from drawing portrait orders. During this time I have been trying to decided which direction I want to take with this little doodle business. I have a few ideas, and hopefully projects that will lead me in the right direction. Unfortunately I am booked until after Christmas for family portraits. But I have some new fun things coming soon!
Thank you for letting me share a little of my family with you all. Of all my creations I've made, they are my favorite.