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Some sweet family portraits

It's been a little while, or a lot while, since I have posted last, but I wanted to share these pictures I was asked to draw for some super sweet families these past few months. 
My friend Sara asked me to draw a picture for her adorable girls' "papa" or grandpa. He's always in a cowboy hat and mustache. I really like to draw mustaches. :)
And then one for their daddy. 
Another wonderful family. I love to draw little ties on little boys. 
 My sisters's birthday was coming up and I asked her what she would like and she said, "Well, you've drawn a family picture for almost everyone, where is mine?" Oops sorry. :) Here is my sweet sister's family with her 2 teenage daughters, one who is graduating from high school and the other who loves soccer. 
This picture is very appropriate considering the 4th of July is in a few days. A lady asked me to draw her 6 children in red, white & blue. She was going to take this image and have it printed on T-shirts for their family reunion. I hope it turned out great!
Last but not least is my good friend Emily, who happens to be an army wife. This was my first time drawing an army uniform. I had to do some research for it and I still couldn't match the colors 100%, but overall I really like it. 
Emily is a total sweetheart with an infectious personality that draws everyone to her. She started a wonderful blog called "A Precious Mess" filled with funny and sweet stories about motherhood that leave you feeling uplifted and ready to battle your next toddler meltdown in Walmart. Check it out here.  She asked me to draw her family for her blog "meet my family" tab. I really loved drawing her sweet and beautiful family. 
Hum . . . I think I said the word "sweet" about 5 times. I obviously really like that word.