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Shelly - throwing up rainbows

I have a wonderful friend who was my roommate in college. She is gorgeous, from Missouri and very proud of her blunt honesty. She doesn't sugar coat things and will tell you how it is. I love her tons! She was exactly what I needed at the time and she still is my go to person when I need an honest opinion.  
So, I recently received this note from her, 
"I would love a family picture, but you know me, it's gotta be funny and not something that screams ooey gooey I love my life and beautiful angels so much I want to throw up rainbows and tulips and homemade bread all over everything (though I'm sure I do, when I remind myself to remember!!....the first part...not the rainbows and bread part.)"
I laughed so hard and then drew this picture for her. I need to make a few adjustments, but here it is so far. Her husband is a police man (I helped get them together!) My husband said this is my best picture yet, I am pretty partial to it too.