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Random acts of Chuck Norris

FACT: Chuck Norris doesn't cheat death.
He wins fair and square. 
I recently did a post about lunch box notes for little kids. But I started thinking "What about teenagers, or your spouse, what could you put in their lunches?" 
What solves any question? 
Chuck Norris!
The inspiration came from my aunt & uncle and my teenage cousins, so here's to them. 
Chuck Norris lunch box notes
For your free printable click on picture, save to computer, make sure to scale to correct size before printing. Or click here for a download. 

But wait! The more I thought about it, I realize, just like Chuck Norris, there are so many more uses for these. 
How about 
Leave these little notes on a vending machine, 
Stranger's car door. 
Attack someone's door and post 
"You've been Chuck Norrised"

Use this instead of "You've been Booed" at Halloween

 How ever you want to use these Chuck Norris facts, I hope you feel the absolute joy that comes from that amazing beard. 
What is hiding behind Chuck Norris' beard?
Another FIST!