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Not your average Valentine's Day card

Valentine's day is around the corner, like literally in 2 days. Remember my love cards from last year, and my animal love cards? The animal love cards link has a free printable, oh ya!
But this year instead of lovey-dovey-make-me-puke-if-I-read-one-more-love-card, I decided to make cards that show love for all things not just mushy boyfriends / girlfriends / husbands / wives.
Now let's be honest . . Valentine's day is 2 days away. Kind of hard to mail these out in time. BUT if you are in my local area (Idaho Falls to Rexburg, Idaho) use the code LOCAL when buying a card on etsy and you get free shipping. As in I will delivery it to your home with a smile, maybe even a hug if I know you. :) 
But honestly, I made these cards for myself so I could giggle in the middle of the night while I drew. Hope you enjoy.
Happiness is riding my bike. Your healthy heart may even thank you for loving your bike so much
Oh cats, how you fill out hearts. I wish this was a picture of my daughter but it's not. Thank you random Internet cat pictures for making me sigh . . . awww
I had too many funny lines for just one cat card. I am quite proud of drawing this cat.
This last minute card came from this hilarious site about awkward love cards.
This card fits me to a T. I adore books! 
And did you see the "Pride & Prejudice" written on the book she is holding?

This card is dedicated to my brothers. Three of my brothers are currently or were bike mechanics at one time, and oh do they love their bikes. At one point I believe they all owned bikes that were worth more than the vehicles they were driving.  
Now if I mentioned cats, I can't forget dogs. Those happy things that love us not matter what. 
Had a hard day? . . hug a dog.
And finally if these cards are still too mushy, and you want to throw St. Valentine out the window, how about my little shark?
What if you want more than just one?
Each card can be custom ordered with hair / clothes / skin color, 
and text can be changed to anything you like. 
All cards come with a pretty little white envelope and my logo on the back.
Hope you have a lovely Valentine's day and if not just remember my little shark and imagine him gobbling up all the annoying mushy people around you.