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New Year 2013!

Our New Years Eve was spent running errands because we had just come home from a trip, and we quickly stopped at Taco Bell and then Little Caesar Pizza (because they are both soooo good we couldn't choose). We were eating in the car (when I say car I really mean awesome minivan - seriously, even if I only had one child I would still buy a minivan, so much room), anyway, eating in the van because, like I said we were running errands and didn't have time to go into one of their luxurious seating areas. 

I looked around and for a half second I thought "What a lame New Year's Eve" and then I quickly looked at my two children chowing down on their taco/pizza with the most content smiles, because honestly tacos and pizza are wonderful, my sweet sleeping baby and my funny husband and I thought, "I can't think of better company than this," and then the naco cheese flipped on the floor, luckily it landed upright, it was a New Year miracle. Happy New Year! 
Here is a flashback to last New Year. I made this Be Happy poster and I have thought of it often over the year. My resolution this year is the exact same as last year 
"To deliberately remember to "be happy" and try these things when I feel that grumpy, stressful cloud gathering around me. If I can do that, I don't need a resolution to be a more patient mom, be a kinder wife, do things for others, because I am those things when I am happy."

One thing I forgot on this list that makes me VERY happy is eating chocolate, so mentally add a picture of a girl chowing down on a snickers bar, or Taco Bell / Little Caesar Pizza. (P.S. Do they have Little Caesar Pizza everywhere, or is that just an Idaho thing?) 
My son's little legs speak volumes here. Life doesn't turn out perfect but by golly it's still going to turn out okay.