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Nativity Blocks

 Merry (very late) Christmas!
I saw these nativity blocks last Christmas and wanted to make my own. However, I didn't have time to make them until a few days before Christmas. That is why we are discussing Christmas in January, lucky you!
I planned these in my mind for a whole year and was so excited for them. But sometimes when you have something in mind that long, it's hard to live up to your expectations.
I like how it turned out, but I feel like it still needs some work. Not sure what it is. Maybe the wood is too dark, maybe I should use white? Maybe my drawings should be a little wider to fill up the 2x4 wood. Maybe I have too many people in the nativity. hum . . . 
I (and by I, I mean my dad and and his awesome power tools) cut the 2x4s to varying heights, from 2 1/2" high for the sheep and baby Jesus, 4" for Mary and one wise man, and 5" for most the others. I think the star is 7 or 9". I then lightly painted the wood brown and sanded the edges. Cut the pictures out and then mod podged them on. 
Could you give me some feedback. 
Would you display something like this in your home? 
How could I make it different / better?
Would you like these as paper puppets for your kids? 



No offense to brunettes, I promise! My oldest daughter was my first little angel and she is blond and so my angel is blond. :) 
I think the shepherd and sheep are my favorite. 
Want to know how we cut these out? Scissors and lots of hand cramps. My husband stayed up late with me cutting these out, that's love. 
Aw, I do love that camel and donkey too. 
My oldest two loved rearranging them. It's funny that we all arrange the nativity differently.
My daughter got a kick out of the orange wise man's clothes. She wasn't a fan of the stripes. 
How about the baby?
She's a fan of anything she can get her hands on. 
I would love your feedback. I'm going to work on them through out the year and have some kind of version ready for Christmas this year. 
P.S Want to know where I got the 2x4s? 
In January 2010 my husband started his own business. One month later he was going stir crazy being home all day (I thought the kids and I were great company), so one day he ran to Home Depot and brought home a massive amount of wood. In between work he build a half pipe in our garage (actually 2 quarter pipes). It was his "break room".


 I can't remember if this is the first version or second. (Oh ya, we built it twice) I think the first.

Want to know true love? I helped build that sucker. . .  twice!

And he promised, promised, promised that I would still be able to park our car in the garage after. 
hum . . .  that car spent the winter outside. 
We have moved twice since then, and that beloved half pipe sits in a pile in our shed now. My husband has new plans. He wants to pour a cement skate pool in our back yard. Um . .  we shall see. 
Until then I have unlimited amounts of 2x4s and plywood.