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My brothers

If there was a contest for the meanest brothers in the world . . .  I would win, or at least earn honorable mention. 
I have 4 brothers, three older and 1 younger. While they all LOVED teasing me, the worst were my two older brothers who are twins. 
To win this award I have made a list of things they use to do to me:

-They had the most creatively horrendous nicknames for me.
-They always had a plethora of candy and pop that they never shared, but loved to eat in front of me.
-They loved to practice their knot tying skills on me and then leave me.
-They use to threaten me with cruel and unusual punishments, such as "If you don't stop whining we're going to give you paper cuts on your fingers while you're sleeping and dip your fingers in lemon juice." I slept on my hands for months.
-Worst of all, they had me absolutely convinced I was adopted. They use to get on the phone and pretend they were talking to someone and say, "uh hu .  ok . . sure, I'll let her know. Thanks, bye." Then hang up the phone and say, "Hey Spring, that was your mom, it's time for you to go home." I would cry and cry and say, "I am home!!" and they would say, "No seriously Spring, it's been fun, but you really need to go home now." I can't even count how many times they did this to me.

Here is a picture of my siblings. I am the adorable baby in the middle. However, this picture is missing our youngest brother (he wasn't born yet).

And here we are 25 years later (Oldest to youngest). This picture is also missing our youngest brother, darn him! But don't you worry little brother, I will do a post dedicated just for you, start worrying! :)


Now, if there was a contest for the best brothers in the world . . I would win that award too, or at least earn honorable mention. Yep, with the same twin older brothers. 
To win this award I have made a list:

-They knew how to tell a great story with amazing sound effects, and could always make me laugh.
-They often let me win at "tag-team wrestle mania" on the trampoline.
-They let me and my little brother tag along anywhere, and as they got older they invited us everywhere with them.
-One Christmas when they had their first real jobs, they probable spent a whole month paycheck buying presents for my little brother and I. Expensive boardgames, race car track, etc. I will never forget that Christmas.
-When I was 9 my uncle took all the cousins on a hike. A barbwire fence decided to attack me and I ended up with a deep 2 inch gash on my leg. Who came to my rescue but my big brother, who picked me up and carried, more like ran, me all the way down the hill.
-They were so very talented and I secretly wanted to be just like them, I tried to do everything they did.
-To this day they still call me several times a month to check up on me. They are truly the best brothers a sister could ask for.

For Christmas I drew this picture for my brother Tyson (one of the Twins). 
Tyson loves Mt. biking, his wonderful wife loves to bake, and as you can guess their kids love to dress up, and not just for Halloween. Cristine is all cowgirl, Brooklyn is a sweet fairy, and Tanner, oh I love this boy, he loves robots. 
Now the other twin, Rusty, wanted his family pictures a little different. 
The first one he wanted was with his two older kids telling them bedtime stories. He can still tell a great story with ridiculous sound effects. 


The next picture he wanted of him and their youngest. This sweet boy is a treasure to us all. Rusty wanted a picture of them growling at each other, something they LOVE to do.


 And the last picture, he wanted of him and his awesome wife, strolling through the woods. Well, I don't know how to draw "strolling" so this was second best. It ended up being one of my favorites. 


There is a quote that says, "Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a super hero." - Marc Brown
I made my own version of my brothers and I.

My friend said this would be a cute quote to hang in a boys' room, so I made one with two brothers. If you like either one you are welcome to them. (Click on picture, save to your computer and make sure to  scale to correct size before printing)

I LOVE my brothers and sister, and especially "the twins." They were and are wonderful brothers! I still want to be like them. However . . . I sometimes sleep on my hands worried they will come and give me paper cuts and dip my fingers in lemon juice. :)