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It was me . . I brought the whistles. AND FREE Don't Eat Pete HALLOWEEN PRINTABLES

I have a confession. I'm seriously really nervous to share it . . okay here goes  . .  it was me! I was the one who brought the whistles to last year's (2014) neighborhood/church Halloween Trunk of Treat party. 

Whew! I feel a little better. But before you storm my house with pitchforks and torches let me explain. 
I have lots of beautiful nieces and handsome nephews. I love being Aunt Spring Bean. I also have quite a few nieces and nephews with food allergies or other diseases that limit their diet. Some mild, some quite severe - very life threatening. Halloween is rough when they can't participate because of all the candy that is yummy to me but dangerous to them. 
Last year I thought I would purchase toys instead of candy to give out to my neighborhood kids as a way to help out those few children who can't eat the candy. I thought it was a great idea. Seriously. I was patting myself on the back for being awesome and planning ahead of time to purchase the toys online. I found the best deal on these cute little whistles. 
Then the day of the neighborhood/church Trunk or Treat. We had a wonderful chili cook off, played some carnival games and then when it was time for the Trunk or Treat we decided to have it inside the church gym because of the weather. I handed out my 100 whistles . . .  to say they were a hit would be an understatement. The next thing I know I hear 100 children blowing their whistles as hard as they can. They don't stop, it just gets louder and louder.  You can see the tension building in the gym as little old ladies pass by me swearing under their breath. I start to shrink against the wall as people start exclaiming "Who brought the blasted whistles?" I keep as quiet as a church mouse as adults try quiet the 100 loud whistles. People have to make announcements on the microphone and soon everyone starts to leave as quickly as possible to get home and take some Tylenol for their throbbing headaches. I'm dying. Literally dying. I make it home covered in shame and humiliation, and then I start laughing. That laugh where you are on the verge of crying but start laughing instead. My husband just looks at me and says "What were you thinking?" 
People still bring it up in the neighborhood and I just smile and say, "Who would bring those whistles?" The only people I told were my parents and for the last year it has been their favorite story to tell, how their daughter single-handedly ruined the Halloween Party. 
Now my secret is out, and I'm very nervous. I hope you will forgive me. I promise it came from a good place. I promise it was out of love for so many sweet children around me. I hope every time my nieces and nephews hear whistles they will think of how much their aunt loves them. :)
I promise, this year I bought NO whistles or anything that makes noise. Just sticky hands that you can fling across the room, what could go wrong? :)
Here are a couple articles I have read recently about food allergies that I truly loved. Teal Pumpkin Project, and 8 Unexpected Silver linings of Food Allergies. While food allergies and so many other diet restricting diseases don't affect my day to day with my children, they affect so many around me. I am so proud of these strong moms and dads who works so hard for their children to keep them healthy and happy. I hope they all have a wonderful Halloween and blow lots of whistles, just not at our Trunk or Treat.  
Below is our famous "Don't Eat Pete - Halloween Edition." I have been tossing around the idea of using these pictures to make some Bingo charts, is that something you would like? How many charts would you need to play with a family, 6 to 10?
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And my husband's ridiculous "Don't Eat Pete - Mullet Edition"
(Click here to download, go under FREE digital downloads to find)