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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! 
My little one is 7 months old and she still loves to wake up several times at night. Oh it's quite awesome, let me count the ways. I'm awake just long enough to have a hard time falling back asleep. This results in eating delicious PB&J sandwiches at 2am and  . . .  honestly I can't remember what I do. Maybe read, sometimes surf the web, fold laundry . . . ha ha, just kidding, I would never fold laundry - that is truly a necessary evil. It's like working at the post office, it just keeps coming and coming. 
But I found this wonderful little nugget. 
I loved this video so much that I decided in the middle of the night to make my own Mother's Day card.
I'll admit it, the first line in the video (accompanied with the newborn cry) had me in tears.


I've loved lots of people in my life . .  wonderful, amazing people . . . my parents, siblings, friends that felt like sisters, and then my quite awesome husband. 
But that instant love for my child was nothing I had experienced before.
 These 3 cuties each hold a chunk of my heart. 
The last line of the video is the best 
"Life doesn't come with a manual,
it comes with a Mother." 
So happy Mother's Day to all my friends, 
and especially to the dear mothers in my life, 
My mom - every good quality I have I owe to her.
My wonderful mother-in-law- who everyone loves to be around. 
And my sweet grandmas who are no longer here on earth with us, but I think of and miss daily.  
And happy Mother's Day to my sweet, hilarious, crazy wonderful children who each made me a mother. I sure love you, even when I wake up with my left eye twitching from sleep deprivation. :)