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Graduation cards

Graduation time is approaching!!! I am doubly aware of it this year because my little niece, Ali, is graduating from high school. How did this happen? 
It feels like just last week I was hanging out at my sister's house playing with my little best friend Ali. 
(Why do I enjoy embarrassing myself with horrible pictures from my past? My husband's favorite part of this picture besides my beautiful glasses is my massive mane of hair. Oh and the overalls.)

Isn't she gorgeous all grown up?
Last year I made my first card that I actually gave to someone besides a family member. It was a graduation card for some awesome young ladies in my neighborhood. 
Don't forget the young men
If you purchase these lovely cards they come in sets of 8 with envelopes. You pick the hair, robe and flower colors, and they arrive safely to your door in a couple days (standard shipping rates apply). 
Most my cards are blank inside but my sense of humor provoked me into throwing this little man inside. 
 It says "College tip 213: Playing the guitar doesn't make him Prince Charming." ha ha, oh, I laugh every time.  
I swear my first year of college was filled with young men sitting around trying to serenade young ladies with guitars. I thought a fair warning was appropriate. And then my husband said "Hey I play the guitar." Oops, oh ya. 
But no worries, if the guitar man is a bit too much, they come blank inside too. Check out my etsy shop link on the right side of this blog to pick up these cards or to look at others.