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FREE teacher questionnaire

It is the end of the school year and the cheesy teacher gifts are coming out! Check out this link to see past cheesy ideas (free printable for hand soap, flowers, bookmark, and pretty quote you can frame).
This year I decided to make a questionnaire for my children to fill out all about their teacher. I love the ones they fill out for Mother's Day or Father's Day, so I decided to make one for their teachers. 
Here is a questionnaire for younger children. It has room to draw a picture
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My oldest is in 5th grade and she thought she was too old to draw a picture, so her questionnaire just had more questions. 
I loved my children's answers so much that I decided I wanted their whole class to fill them out. I sent a stack (30 papers) to school with my daughter when she knew her teacher was going to have a sub and she gave them to all her classmates to fill out and then she brought them home. 
My son's teacher wasn't planning on having a sub any time soon, so he took them to a school with a note from me asking the children to fill them out, but his teacher could not look. :)
I thought this would be a cute idea, but I had no idea how hilarious it would be! 
Here are some of the answers from the children. 
My teacher always says  . . ."zip it lippy" 
After school my teacher . . .  "Talks to Mark (her fiance) and looks at pinterest" ha ha ha!
My son's 3rd grade teacher is the sweetest lady ever!! She is in her 50s and this is her first official year teaching. EVERY single child said her favorite snack is raspberries. And almost every single child said she always says "naughty, naughty, naughty" but not one child spelled it correctly. ha ha!
After school my teacher sleeps. yep! 
Now this next one had me crying I was laughing so hard. Several said their favorite memory is when their teacher accidentally swore. What?! And then I kept reading more and this child described the incident better. ha ha!! That poor lady, it was a total accident, she just said two words in a row that sounded a lot like a swear word. I can't stop laughing!
 After I finished laughing I bound all the papers into a little book.
 Isn't this picture just the sweetest!
And I love this last one!
What I will miss most about my teacher  . . "is all of the funny sentences she says when we have a spelling test"
Another child said what I will miss most is her hugs.
My son is a quiet little guy, I can't get much out of him. At his last parent teacher conference I met with his teacher not so much worried about his school work or grades but about him. Did he talk very much at school, was he happy there, did he get along with his friends, etc? His teacher just smiled and sighed and told me how much she loves him. I could feel her love for him just pour out. That he is wonderful, happy and a great helper at school. My little heart just soared to know that he is loved and taken care of at school. 
Aww.  . . . teachers really are so amazing and special. What other profession can have such an impact on these little humans. 
You don't have to have the whole class fill out a questionnaire. Just have your child fill it out and I promise your child's teacher will love it. Or better yet, just write a sincere thank you card! Words have more power than any cutiest cheesy gift. 
(wording by Bitsy Creations, drawing by me - Spring Time Doodles)