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For my mom

I have an awesome mom.

(My parents and four older siblings. Isn't my mom beautiful?)

All moms are pretty fantastic but did your mom make you matching pants for you and your younger brother? Don't forget the matching hair bow.

Besides her mad sewing skills my mom could also cook. Her birthday cakes were the best. My favorite was the butterfly cake for my 6th birthday. (My teenage sister styled my awesome bangs)
Okay, sure maybe your mom could sew and bake, BUT (I am determined to win this Best-Mom-Contest), did your mom own her own motorcycle?

Okay, okay, maybe your mom sewed, baked and road a motorcycle, it's not unheard of, but did she spend her weekends in a cave?

My parents were cavers. On the weekends they explored caves and surveyed them. As children we tagged along on the easy caves. I loved finding tight spaces and squishing myself into the smallest cracks. 
I'm probably 8 here in the red helmet, with a family friend and his sons.
My parents have slowed down a little, instead of roughing it in a tent they recently purchased the smallest camper know to mankind, a Scamp. They love it. They also traded their motorcycles for 4 wheelers. Totally weenies. 

A couple days ago for my mom's birthday I made this picture for her, I couldn't fit in all her amazing characteristic. It focuses on my parent's love of the outdoors, but how they always had time to clean up in time for church.

As a child I didn't go to carnivals, theme parks or even the mall a lot. My parents didn't like big crowds, they preferred the quiet outdoors, and perhaps I thought I missed out a little on what my friends were doing. But I look back and realize what a lucky and pretty fascinating childhood I had. 
Being a great mom isn't about amazing sewing skills, or baking gourmet cakes, or even racing your kids on motorcycles. What made my mom great was how she made us kids feel. 
I remember winning the creative writing contest in 5th grade and my mom made such a big deal out of it, you would have thought I won the Pulitzer Prize. 
I remember those horrible years in jr high when I came home feeling ugly and a social outcast and it was my mom who pulled out her secret stash of chocolate and made me feel better. 
I remember holding my first baby in my arms and feeling the weight of the world combined with the most pure love I have ever felt and asked my mom, "You did this 6 times?" Never have I felt so grateful for my mom. 
A mom is a giant bandaid who can put her arms around you and tell you "Everything is going to be okay" and you believe her because she is your mom. 
Moms are pretty special people and if I can be half the mom to my kids that my moms was to me, than they will be in for a real treat. 
I love you Mom - Happy Birthday!