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Family Home Evening chart

I started making Family Home Evening charts. I'll be honest, they are a lot of work, but I really love them. 
Let me back up, what the heck is "Family Home Evening?" The name kind of describes it. In my church we set aside one night a week, usually Monday night, to spend just as a family, in study, prayer and activities. But mostly to spend quality time as a family.
It sounds pretty holy right? Well . . it's actually pretty crazy. We always forget and then usually our 9 or 7 year old will exclaim "Mom, it's Monday night, we forgot Family Home Evening!!!" 
Oh crap!
We quickly sit on the couch and sing a song, the 2 year throws a tantrum until we sing the ABCs, and then she throws another tantrum until we let her say the prayer. We then read a scripture story, Daniel & the Lion's den, Jonah and the Whale, etc (my children like the violent stories) and then we play steamroller. What is steamroller you ask? - My husband lays down on the ground and is the "steamroller" and rolls over the children who try jump over him. It's quality bonding time filled with screams and squeals. 
After making this little handy dandy chart for our family it really helped us remember and not fight over assignments. However it's not covered in magic dust, and I still feel like flinging the chart across the room when the children start fighting. 
Most Mondays it's rough trying to create the right mood. But sometimes there are sweet moments when the children ask deep questions and moments when we laugh and giggle together, mostly when daddy plays steamroller. 
I've made several charts over this past year






Can custom make to fit as many or few members in your family.

My favorite story is when I spent all day making these charts and I forgot to make dinner, quickly fed the family grilled cheese sandwiches. Crawled into bed and realized it was Monday night, and we forgot our own family home evening. And yes, this may have happened twice. Yep, we have a long ways to go.