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Erin's family & some Boise State love!

I have a wonderful friend named Erin. Hum . . . how do I describe her . . . she has naturally very blond hair, she's very smart and very hilarious. While I was drawing her cute family many memories came to mind. A british date I was nervous to go on and she doubled with me . . . I still owe her for that. Many plays in high school, Dracula's Castle will always be a horrible favorite of mine. And our director coming down on me because I was talking too fast (I still struggle with this when I get excited) and Erin stood up for me, told him to back off and leave me alone. ha ha. 
Erin and her man are proud Boise State Alumni. 
My husband is from Boise so we also love the Broncos! 
 No, Erin does not have cats, they are adorable huskies (or malamutes). As you can probably tell I have never drawn dogs, and especially dogs who have pointy ears, trust me, these are the best ones I could come up with, you don't even want to see the rough drafts.   
Handsome Dutch, on the right, they lost this year. 
And Erin & James are getting married next year!! 
Here are some wedding pics for them. 
 I couldn't decide where to place the flowers, 
if to use color, or how long to make the dress. 
Which one do you guys like better?
Thanks Erin for letting me experiment on you. 
I haven's seen you in years but you are still one amazing friend. :)