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Erin R. Family (preschool friend) & Kathy (preschool teacher)

This is my wonderful friend Erin, who I have known since preschool. Erin is a wonderful friend. She is genuine, so very kind and always a blast to be around. She is so smart, crazy talented at sports, especially volleyball, and now she is a teacher, something I always knew she would be great at. 
Our little girl went to preschool last year, and that first day I looked around at all her cute little classmates wondering if she would find a life long friend there like I did. 
Here we are in the 1st or 2nd grade Christmas program. I'm the ridiculous reindeer in the red (check out that awesome crimped hair), and Erin is right next to me looking so cute in the black dress. One of our favorite memories is when I got caught cheating on our spelling test in first grade, yep.
Erin and her husband Jason have the cutest baby girl, holy cow she is so beautiful, my drawings don't do justice. 
I experimented with fonts & colors, and title locations. I'm still working on the colors.
 I wanted to use Erin's family to show my two styles. The true stick figures are below. And the more full stick figures, meaning the arms and legs aren't just sticks, are above. 
Another cool fact about Erin, is that her mom, Kathy, was our preschool teacher. She had the coolest room set up in her basement but honestly all I remember is nap time. If you were really quiet you could get chosen to be the wake up fairy and with a special wand you could walk by everyone and softly poke them to wake them up. Well . . .  I was never quiet enough to be chosen as the wake up fairy, I think I talked too much back then too. But I'm totally over it now. :)
Kathy has been a family friend for many years and went back to school when I was at college and I loved seeing her on campus. She is one awesome preschool teacher and one amazing lady. 
Here is her cute family now that her kids are out of the house. Yes, this is my second try at dogs, these are weimaraners, I think they look pretty good. My favorite part is Kathy's husband's mustache. That was also a first, and I'm pretty proud of it. They live in the country on a beautiful ranch, so this also was an experiment on backgrounds. 
Thank you Kathy for letting me experiment on your beautiful family. And thanks Erin, for not only letting me color your adorable family but for being one of, if not my longest-knowing friend. You really are an amazing person, and I feel so very very fortunate to have had you in my life!!