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Each family is unique

I usually sit down to draw a basic family picture, but it never comes out that way. No family is "basic" even if we have the same number of siblings, or same hair color as someone else's family, that doesn't make our families the same. We are each unique, however there are some "basic" things I believe all families have in common. Real love, wonderful humor, inside-jokes, weird mannerisms, and support (such as I-can-make-fun-of-my-sibling-but-if-anyone-else-does-I'll-kick-their-trash.) Ahh, I love families. 
There was my deep thought for the day. 
I hope you enjoy these wonderfully unique families.
Two cute boys alone would make an awesome picture. But then Kaylin said 
"As far as hobbies go, if you did something with computers that would be funny. To say my husband likes computers would be an understatement."
 I tried to draw her husband's company "Scion Computer Systems" logo (a circle flame) on his laptop. Cute, cute family Kaylin! I truly smiled with delight drawing this. 
And with some improvements here is Shelly's family again. Here is her first draft. I personally LOVE the pepsi can, and so did she except she said "Pepsi is disgusting, it's coke I love, vanilla coke to be exact." 
Well . . .  too bad, I like the pepsi so it's staying. :) 
This picture is her blog title and the following words are written beneath it ; this phrase really does describe Shelly. (I tinkered around with some fonts.)
Thanks guys for sharing your beautifully-unique-non-basic families.