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Don't Eat Pete: Mullet Edition FREE

It's here, it's here! The solution to all your problems. Drum roll please . . .  

Don't Eat Pete: Mullet Edition
Last year I proudly shared this hilarious and hideous game board my husband drew for my etsy shop. It only cost a couple dollars on my etsy shop, and after talking to my husband, we decided to share this as a FREE printable for all to enjoy. It wasn't that long of a talk, "Hey, what do you think if we gave that Mullet Don't Eat Pete print away for FREE on my blog" . . . "What Mullet picture? Oh ya, that one. sure" 
Father's Day is in less than a week. Print on card stock and if you feel so inclined you can also laminate. Add with his favorite small candy and ta - da!! You nailed Father's Day. 
I hope you enjoy!
(Click here to download, go under FREE digital downloads to find)

(Click here to download, go under FREE digital downloads to find)
Don't know how to play Don't Eat Pete? My children demonstrate in this oscar winning video.
What if you are thinking, "No offense Spring, but I don't really want to play Don't Eat Pete, but I want to enjoy this fine work of art." No problem, I've already thought ahead. Here is a simple 
Mullet Men: First edition. 
You can simply print, frame it and place it on your bed stand, or print and make into a card, the sky is the limit with this beauty.