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Don't Eat Pete free Halloween printable

One of our favorite games ever is Don't Eat Pete. We recently played it and had so much fun that I decided to make my own Halloween version. Something about eating candy as fast as you can before everyone around you yells "Don't Eat Pete" really gets my adrenaline running. 
Such a great game for any Halloween party, family night, date night, etc. Seriously, I could play this game every night.  
(Click here to download, go under FREE digital downloads to find)
That monster kid is pretty cute and that Raccoon hat . .  come on that is pretty sweet right? 
If your kids or you want to color it, here is coloring page printable also. 
This also makes a great gift too. Print out both the game board and the instructions and then laminate the instructions to the back of the game board printout. Tie it together with a package of M&Ms or some other candy/treat, and wa-la you have an awesome gift!
We also made our VERY FIRST video tutorial. Here are my awesome kids teaching "How to play Don't Eat Pete!" They're pretty cute!
Also I have a coloring page printable I made last Halloween. It's fun for me to look back and see how my drawings have changed and stayed the same. Mostly just my editing skills have improved.
(Click on picture and save to your computer. Make sure to scale it to the correct size before printing)

Halloween is just awesome. Here are some of my favorite moments. 
Um . .  someone was a little excited to be Pippi Longstockings. :)
This is my all-time-favorite picture. We often only take pictures of the good times, and then throw out the unflattering pictures, when really we should take pictures of the rotten and unpleasant times so when we look back through our photo albums we will have pictures as awesome as this one. 
This was 4 years ago, and our little girl was Tinkerbell. Her first meltdown happened when she realized her wings wouldn't really make her fly, and this meltdown happened when daddy kept taking pictures when she told him to stop. I remember thinking, "Hold it together Spring" and our little boy is looking at me thinking, "What kind of family was I born into?" 
And this wonderful picture was taken last Halloween. Our little scarecrow was a little disgruntled when we made her stop eating her candy for a picture.