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DIY message board

There is an episode on Simpsons where for Marge's birthday Homer buys her a bowling ball with his name on it. Marge is so tired of Homer always buying her presents that are really for him that she takes up bowling. I can't remember the ending. I think she becomes a really good bowler. 
The point is . . 
This has become a family joke for my husband and I. When one of us buys the other one a present that is really meant for ourself the other one will say, "Is this really a bowling ball with your name on it?"
Recently I gave my husband this gift, but before he unwrapped it I said, "Just to warn you, this is really a bowling ball with my name on it."

Isn't it cute? It's a picture frame turned into a message board. (I have no picture taking skills, it's on my list of things to learn).
I saw this version (click here to see how she made it and her flower tutorial). This amazing lady sewed this fabric to look like paper. Whoa, sewing scares me, so I made mine out of actual paper, and I put a little twist on mine to make it into a message board. 
The funny part is my husband actually uses it sometimes, and the person who LOVES it the most is our 6 year old. She is always writing little messages and impatiently waiting for us to see them.  
So here are some easy steps. Print out your wording on actual paper. 
If you like my font here is my template (click on image and save to your computer, make sure to scale to correct size before printing)
After it's printed, cut to frame size (I used a 5x7 cheap-o frame). And then give the paper a good crinkling. Smooth it out and put in frame. 
And wa-la! 
For a tutorial on the fabric flowers click here. 
That would be pretty awesome if my husband did actually give me a blowing ball with his name on it. I might take up bowling. 


-Spring Time