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Clothespin Turkey

UPDATE: This little Clothespin Turkey has become quite popular, especially on pinterest. I have had quite a few people e-mail me having trouble downloading the printable. This post has actual links where you can download. You are also always welcome to e-mail and I can send you the printable. Thanks!

Are you looking for a Thanksgiving activity? Look no further my friends. A Clothespin Turkey will solve almost any problem. Except cooking that darn turkey, something I have avoided and will continue to avoid until I die. 
-some cute kids
-markers or crayons
-glue stick 
-Color your turkey.
-You could even write what you are thankful for on the feathers.
-Cut turkey, feathers and legs out.
-Glue the feathers to the back.
-Glue the legs to the clothespin. They do stick, just hold the legs on to the pin for a few extra seconds. 
And wa-la!
And then make your turkey do the turkey trot!
Here is your free printable. 
Click on the picture and save to your computer. 
Here is a video of some exceptionally cute kids demonstrating how to make a clothespin giraffe, same idea as a clothespin turkey. 
Also here is a silly coloring page. That poor turkey looks so scared. 
Click here to see my blog post where I showed how to make this fun and super easy fruit turkey!