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Clothespin Giraffe (free printable)

When my daughter was in preschool she came home with a super cute clothespin giraffe. I looked all over online and couldn't find one as cute as hers, so we made our own. 
This would also work great if you were teaching the letter "G"


(click on picture and save to your computer, make sure scaled to correct size before printing). If you ever have trouble printing one of my freebies send me an e-mail (found in my contact tab) and I'll e-mail the document directly to you!)
This is the same idea as my clothespin turkeys 
Simply color, cut along dotted lines, glue (we used a glue stick) legs to clothes pins, and then attach clothespins to body. The glue stick works well, but use lots of glue and hold paper legs to the clothespin for a few long seconds. 
It works even better if you use cute kids. Sorry, you can't borrow mine. 
We call this caveman coloring in our house (gripping the marker like a caveman), hey don't judge, it works!
You can even make them do a little gig. The giraffes that is, my kids can do a gig too.
We made a little "How to make a clothespin giraffe" tutorial. It is very impressive if I say so myself. My daughter might just drop out of grade school and start working for Martha Stewart.
If this video doesn't work here is the link

Like my daughter said in the video "You can play with it, or use it as a decoration." So true, what better center piece than a clothespin giraffe.