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Christmas 2015 family portraits

Merry Christmas . . . just a little late. 
Christmas time is always my busiest season, when I receive the most orders. And this year was my busiest by far. Thanks for your support for my little shop. It was the first time I had to turn orders away (sorry again to the few I had to). 
For the whole month of December I would tuck my little children in bed and then spend all evening drawing and editing. I'll admit, there were days I was worried I bit off more than I could chew and would not finish in time, but my little family was so sweet and supportive, and let's just say we had mac & cheese with cut up hot dogs one too many times for dinner. 
I closed my shop for a few weeks after Christmas to relax but I'm open again. If you would like a portrait for Valentine's Day hurry and order. I have limited spots open. 
Below are some of the Christmas portraits I drew. I had so much fun drawing these and watching them come to life. I have said this many times before but my favorite part really is making friends all over the country and world. Good people and beautiful families are everywhere. 
One of my favorites, the Blain family. This was all Alicia & her husband's ideas. I loved the idea of trees in the background, I had never done that before, and antlers in the title. Also I learned a lot about hunting and guns. I originally drew the gun upside down, whoops, ha ha, didn't know that's not how you hold a gun. :)
Not only is this family super adorable but the wife LOVES Taco Bell. No, like seriously. On her wedding day she has a picture of them going through the Taco Bell drive thru with her wedding dress. ha ha. So we had to fit Taco Bell in the picture but still make it look classy. A Taco Bell purse it was.  
Oh how I love when I get UK orders. This sweet family was just the cutest. The husband is in the Royal Marines, the wife loves Harry Potter & is a brownie leader. The little girl loves all things princess and Peppa Pig, and the little boy loves cars and penguins.
Another military family portrait. I love drawing military uniforms. This family is awesome! Lots of little details for each child. 
I love the details in this picture. The little girl always wears her favorite purple blanket tied around her neck like a cape. And the little boy loves soccer & spiderman. 
This family loves LSU, can you tell? The mom also sews amazing cute dresses for her little girl, this is a dress she sewed for her.
This one is a simple couple, but I really love it.
Batman love!
This one is simple but also really classy, love love it!!
I loved this family, and all their awesome details! I love drawing red heads, but sometimes have a hard time finding the right shade hair color. I loved how this turned out!
I love this family of all boys. (I really loved using these pine trees again)


This little fury family was so cute. Sometimes animals are harder to draw than humans because there are so many kinds of dogs to learn to draw and their colors are all unique. 
I love to draw portraits for friends. And these friends required a special signature on their portrait. "String" . .  it's an inside joke. :) 
Big family portraits always take longer to draw, but not because there are more people to draw but because I have to wrap my head around everyone in the picture, where to place them and all the details each person needs. But it's always worth it. Love them.
I love the dad in this picture. He's a retired Army Colonel, so we added the "full-bird colonel" symbol on his black vest.
I drew quite a few portraits for grandparents. I used the same quote on a lot of them, but hey, it's a really good quote!
These next two grandpas just had the coolest looks. Loved drawing them!




Isn't the grandpa the coolest in this picture? Like a real cowboy. Loved drawing him!
This sweet family is dear to me. I loved each of their details down to the aunt in the wheelchair holding her nephew's hand. Oh and the My Little Pony dress. :)
This one is full of little details. Notice the Rolling Stones shirt, husband's Steeler's coffee mug, the spoiled cute dog who ALWAYS has her treats close by, and of course the cute cheerleader daughters. 
Love this sweet family with 2 missionaries. 

Another UK picture. I always have to remember "football" is the correct term for soccer. And I loved their request for their son to be jumping on the trampoline. 
I also drew a couple simple stick figure family portraits. I don't get asked to draw these kind as often. They are always so fun. 
It was probably an overload of pictures, and I think I used the word "loved" 100 times. Someone buy me a thesaurus. :)
Thanks again for letting me share these sweet families with you. After spending hours drawing and editing each of these families I really do feel so close to them a wish them all the very best!!