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Brothers & Super Hero poster

A while back I wrote a post about my older brothers, and made a brother printable. I was never super fond of the printable it but I loved the quote. I asked my good friend Dana from MyPoshDesign to help design the wording (subway art.) Isn't she great? Take a look at her work here.   
This 8x10 / 16x20 poster print is available at my etsy shop
(high resolution digital printable)
Brothers are pretty awesome, and to prove that I have 3 examples of brothers.
1. This is my little boy & girl (they almost look like twins but my daughter is 2 years older). Is it embarrassing how proud I am to finally be a soccer mom? I'm sure I wont by the end of the summer. 
When our son was two years old he would yell and grunt, like little toddlers do, and we would have no idea what he said or wanted. Our daughter would say, "he said he wants goldfish crackers" or "he said he wants his blocks." We have no idea how she could do it, but 9 out 10 times she could interpret him correctly. 
Our little boy adores his sister. If we are ever alone with him at the store and buy him something, a snack, toy, etc he ALWAYS makes sure we get one for his sister too. He is the little brother but acts like the big brother. 
2. I have the most perfect children, they never fight . . . um . . . okay, they might occasionally fight :). I tell them stories about my own little brother, that use the bug the heck out of me. He use to steal my barbies and dangle them from the trees, sneak in my room and read my journal, and one time he even bit me. I'm way serious. I might even have the mark on my leg still. But guess what? I loved my little brother, he was my best friend and no one was allowed to tease him but me.
This is my cute little brother & me. I know, I know, your jealous your mom didn't make you matching outfits. Don't forget the matching hair bow.
And here is my little brother all grown up. To this day he is still the first person I want to text when I see or hear something funny. He can make me laugh so hard and I am so proud of him. He is quite the smart & talented guy, and best uncle. My kids think he can fix anything - bikes, toys, my kitchen mixer, etc. Anything breaks and they exclaim "Just call Uncle Chaun, he can fix it!"
3. And finally I wanted to share this video my older brother made about his two children Hyrum and Hannah (my niece and nephew).
This video is so very special to me. I have watched it oh . . probably over a hundred times. My brother first made it a couple years ago. He was approached by our church to use it as a Mormon Message. No matter your faith I hope you feel the love between a brother and sister and the love God has for us all.
If this video doesn't work here is the link for it. 
On several occasions I have heard my brother and his wife talk about the great teachers and therapists Hyrum has had, but they always credit his sister Hannah for being his greatest tutor. Having a best friend to play and talk with all day has helped him grow leaps and bounds. 
The love between siblings is amazing. And if you don't have siblings I hope you have friends that are like family to you, that you can talk, tease, laugh and cry with. Because we all need brothers and sisters.