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be happy

I have a confession . . .  um . . . this is hard to admit . . . okay here goes . . .
Sometimes when I am stressed and overwhelmed . . . I am grumpy.
Sometimes when I am stressed and overwhelmed . . . I am grumpy to people around me.
Whew, that was hard to say. So glad I got that out there. Okay . . maybe just one more . . 
Sometimes I eat a king size Snickers bar . . . . really fast, so fast people around me stop and stare.
Okay. I am done now. I wouldn't want to say something embarrassing. 
Now, when I am NOT stressed and overwhelmed, I feel like I do a pretty good job in life. I'm not  baking a gourmet cake, while folding laundry and teaching my children a third language. But . .
I can play play doe with my kids for hours (but I mean, who couldn't? that stuff is awesome). And I don't mind messes and clutter.
I think all of us do a pretty good job in life. Sure, we can all improve, but when we are in good moods we are friendly, kinder and more willing to help others. 
This New Years was a little off for my little family. We didn't sit around drinking horrible Sparkling Cider (who drinks that nasty stuff, all it does is give you a horrid tummy ache) and writing down ridiculous resolutions. Nope instead we spent it in the hospital (It wasn't all bad mind you, we watched a Star Wars marathon on TV). My husband was in a snowboard accident, and well the next few weeks were kind of crazy (but no worries, he's fine, just 6 broken ribs). Instead of resolutions, I have been thinking about a certain little picture I found a month ago.
I have thought about this at least once a day. Sometimes I think about how I would draw it, but most of the time I think about what I do to "be happy." Not just cute things that I think everyone wants to hear, but genuine things that make me happy. And I think this is what I have come up with. This is my New Years resolution . . to deliberately remember to "be happy" and try these things when I feel that grumpy, stressful cloud gathering around me. If I can do that, I don't need a resolution to be a more patient mom, be a kinder wife, do things for others, because I am those things when I am happy.
This is what makes me happy . . . 
A wise person once said, "I have bad moments, not bad days." When the day starts rough I don't have to label it a "bad day" and than everything that happens after it will be bad too. But I can chalk up the last 10 minutes when I tripped and spilled a whole pan of cupcakes on the kitchen floor, that I spent hours icing in the shape of baseballs for my daughter's T-ball game, (oh ya, that really happened) as just a bad moment, and I can move on with my day. 
EDITOR'S NOTE: This may come as a complete shock to you, yes even bigger than the one that I sometimes get grumpy. But I did not study art, not even graphic design. I know, I know, you take one look at those stick figures and figure I have real knowledge. Actually, I graduated with my Social Work degree, and worked mainly in mental health. So when I talk about being stressed and grumpy, please don't think I am a nieve girl skipping around, passing out daisies and rainbows, and curing the world with my "be happy" pictures :). Although I am a mighty fine skipper, I'll show you sometime if you like. 
Hope you have a great week, and think of your own "be happy."
- Spring Time