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Baby Nursery Room - Animals

Our sweet baby girl, and third child, was born a few weeks ago. I wanted her room to be decorated in giraffes but once I started drawing animals I couldn't stop. I guess her room is now a safari/zoo theme. 
When I was looking for quotes to put with the animal doodles I found this one from Winnie the Pooh. It was perfect. 
"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."
When I held my baby for the first time I was overwhelmed with how small and perfect she was. Every detail was there, only in miniature size. From the fuzz on her ears, to the creases in the hands and feet. 
Truly, how can something so small take up the most room in your heart?
If you like any of these pictures I have them available on my etsy shop
I also stumbled upon this quote from Charles Dickens, 
"It is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us." 
I never feel closer to Heaven than when I hold a new baby.
I adore these hippos. 
Earlier this year our little family went to the San Diego zoo. Every exhibit was swarming with people except the hippos because they were hiding. We were preparing to leave when all of a sudden the hippo stood up from behind some bushes and headed to the pool. Then a little baby popped up too and followed the mama hippo into the pool. To watch the massive hippo nudge her baby along in the water was just awesome. Seriously the best part of our visit. 
I love these zebras with the yellow. I didn't know what phrase to use but I ended up with "my little one" because it's what I call my children.
"Come here little one," "Put on your shoes little one," etc.
I love flamingos but I'm not sure about these ones yet, I might need to work on them some more. 
Don't mind my awesomely horrible paint job on the frames. My yellow spray paint didn't want to stick to my cheap plastic frames
The wall arrangement. The walls are a light sage color, but they look puke color here. :)
I'm not sure how big I can print the pictures and keep the quality. I would like them blown up big on canvas. 
Here is our sweet baby girl.
Brother and sister were a little nervous as first but now they think she is the best toy ever. 
She has already changed so much in a few weeks. She can now focus and gives the best smiles that make her whole body wiggle. 
Thank you sweet little one for entering our lives and making us beam with ridiculous pride.  
I've been thinking of turning these animals into puppets. Comment below if your child/children would like these animals as puppets?