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Animal love cards

I adore Valentine's Day. 
I know, I know some don't like it, but I think it's a wonderful day. 
Growing up I didn't have lots of boyfriends . . or really any. 
Embarrassing fact, my husband was my first boyfriend, and last. :)
So yep, there were many, actually every Valentine's Day before my husband, that I sighed just a little because there were no extravagant flowers or gifts sent to me. So why oh why did I love Valentine's Day?
Two Reasons
1. Elementary school Valentine's Day parties are the BEST! Picking out your Valentine's Day cards, choosing who to give which card to, decorating your Valentine's Day box, and then carefully combing through all the Valentine's Day cards from classmates deciding if someone secretly liked you. :)
and second reason. . . 
2. Because I had a sweetheart mom who always left the best Valentine's Day notes in our room when we came home from school. Just a simple note with a Valentine's treats. I don't think I ever told her this but I looked forward to that every year, especially in jr high and high school. I still have some of her notes. 
So while Valentine's Day is a great day to tell my sweetheart I love him (check out my Valentine's Day cards for your special someone here), 
I actually love the holiday more because it is a special day to tell my children I love them in writing, and pass on my mom's tradition. 
These would be great for all friends and family!!
"I love you" means a lot. . . but "I love you a TON" like an elephant ton, 
means even more!
Not quite ready to say "I love you" to someone, how about "I like you a TON!"
Same for this cute hippo!

Hey "I like you a TON!" means a lot too. I love hippos. 
I am wild about this giraffe.
One of the best songs.
 Mr. Zebra, you are pretty cool.
"I love you . . .  and all your STRIPES"
 Giraffes LOVE
 Maybe an assortment of cards?
These cards sell in sets of 5. Just want one? Send me a message and I will get you info for just one card. 
I try to share most of my doodles for free, so here are some elephant Valentine's Day cards. They could be used for your child's Valentine's Day party, or a little note you leave in their room telling them you love them . . . a TON! 
I included "I love you a TON" and "I like you a TON". Wouldn't want certain kids in the classroom to get the wrong idea, Valentine's Day cards are taken very seriously in elementary school.
(Click on image, save to computer. Make sure to scale to correct size before printing)