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A Thanksgiving Treat (free printables)

I think we are all bias toward our schools, but I really think I went to the best elementary school. My first memory of Thanksgiving was in kindergarten, I was dressed up as a pilgrim in the exact outfit I drew below, and was eating hot lunch for the first time. The lunch lady, Mrs. Butters, used an ice cream scoop and slapped a huge scoop of white ice cream on my plate. I was so excited. I sat down and dived into that first bite of vanilla ice cream only to find out it was steaming hot instant mashed potatoes. My mouth was burnt for the rest of the day. I distinctly remember trying to justify my dumb action with "Why would you scoop mashed potatoes with an ice cream scoop?" and "My mom's mashed potatoes definitely don't look like that!" 
That being said . . .  Happy Thanksgiving. 
I think I enjoyed drawing this picture a little too much. 
My husband calls this the "PG Rated" version.
My favorite parts are the adorable braids, the bonnet (that was so flippin' hard), the turkey and those awesome sideburns on the boy pilgrim. :)
Hope you enjoy coloring this free printable. Click on the picture and save it to your computer, make sure it is scaled correctly before printing. 
For my vegetarian family members I have also drawn a nonviolent "G Rated" version. The turkey still looks a little worried. 
This weekend I was in charge of a craft for 70 kids. I am not super crafty (seriously) and large amounts of children scare me . . . just a little. I ended up with about 36 kids and we did this easy food craft. 
It was so easy and even the 3 and 4 year olds did great!
You should have seen some of the older kids' crazy turkeys with legs, and toothpicks through their necks. :)
I found the idea online but none of the turkey's had cute heads so I quickly drew this one. Here is a printable to use with your family. (click on the picture and save it to your computer)