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A family collage

I have a couple family pictures I have been asked to work on for Christmas cards or gifts that I am aching to show, but I don't want to spoil the surprise, in case relatives or friends see the pictures before Christmas, but this one I received permission to show early. I did change the name just in case. 
I'm not sure what I should categorize it? A family collage, an active family, etc? 
This awesome girl won a giveaway at my friend Ashley's blog flats to flip flops, and wanted a family picture that described each of her siblings. She sent me a few lines of each person in her family describing their looks and hobbies. 
From left to right: litte brother (buzzed hair and loves camouflage), big sister (long dark hair, loves creative clothes and photography), little sister (dark hair, declared princess, loves animals and has a fish), Dad (a pastor, who is pretty awesome from all her descriptions), little sister (blond, loves princesses, and a stuffed horse she adores), mom (wonderful, and can do anything), little brother (Justin Bieber hair, how did I do on the hair? any more swooped and it looked too girlie, he loves sports, especially football), big sister (tallest, short hair, and plays violin) and big sister (blond hair, works at YMCA, always reading and studying). 
These are the shortened versions of the descriptions she sent me, I wish I could have fit everything in. I could tell how much she loved each one of her siblings by the wonderful way she described them. I hope this sweet family enjoys this as much as I did making it.