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Queen of Tidy

My good friend Sarah started a blog about cleaning called Queen of Tidy. She asked me to draw her blog header. I am excited about how it turned out. She has great tips on cleaning products, daily routines, and her secret crush on Full House clean-freak Danny Tanner. 
She has inspired me to pick up my game. I use to think I was pretty good at cleaning, at least leaps and bounds above my poor cooking skills. But the other day I was doing dishes, wiping the counters off and my little boy asked, "Who coming over mommy?" Oops, I guess my kids only see me frantically cleaning when I know someone is coming over.
When I replied that no one was, and that I was just cleaning, my little girl then said, "Oh, good job mom, you should give yourself a card." I still don't know if she was sincere or showing off her sarcastic humor. 
So if you are looking for a little push in the right direction, or are already a clean freak check out Queen of Tidy here
P.S. Sarah is just as cute as this stick figure, actually probably more.