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be happy (free printable) & book review for Monica Sheehan

I have a confession. I don't like January. It's the pits. I have tried and tried but it's cold, dark and not cool. Not cool my friend. 
I am usually a happy person who cracks myself up watching America's Funniest Home videos (best show ever) but some days (like in January) I have to work at it a little. 
It is during these cold, dark days that I think of that little picture "be happy" by Monica Sheehan that I found 3 years ago. 
I fell in love with it and found myself thinking about my own "be happy."  I used a couple of her ideas, (exercise, help others, limit tv), and then created a couple of my own. This is still one of my favorite pictures I've drawn. I updated my poster for you using a better editing program. 
To download click on the following for jpeg or pdf format. 
Just last week I thought I about the original artist Monica Sheehan. 
I looked her up and found some awesome things about her. I don't know if I gave Monica enough credit in my original post and wanted to give her the wonderful credit she deserves. 
Monica Sheehan is a freelance artist. She has illustrated 12 books. She has a monthly feature for Real Simple magazine, and her work has also appeared in the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, and Woman's Day. Here is a list of her books on amazon
I had to dig around a little but I found this post explaining her poster "be happy"
be happy began as one of the most popular cartoons from Monica Sheehan’s monthly feature on the back page of Real Simple. For the past 3 years she has been receiving letters from readers across the country expressing their gratitude, asking for posters, and wondering whether the cartoon appeared in any other form that they could display or give to friends. More than once Monica has spotted a stolen copy of the cartoon on a buddy’s fridge.
Hence this book.
I found her book "be happy" on amazon and quickly bought it!! It's a tiny book, just a little bigger than 4" x 5".  Each page with a simple phrase and drawing. So adorable. Something to keep in your purse, in a bathroom, or give to a friend. I plan on giving it to my 9 year old daughter for Valentine's Day. She loves little books and will love the drawings. 

These are just a few of the pages
 I love how creative she is.
After looking at all her books online . . . I bought 2 more!!
Be Happy This one has bigger illustrations, feels more for children. I'm excited to give this to my 7 year old son who is starting to read. 

Here are a few of the pages


I loved the full color pictures and sweet words. This one is for my little 2 year girl. 
I hope I did justice in sharing Monica Sheehan's awesome skills and beautiful books. Hopefully if you pass her books at the book store or library you take a moment to look at her pictures and feel a little more  . . . happy.

Thank you Monica for your wonderful inspiration. I plan to steal the books back from my children and proudly display and read them often.